We build safe, secure & scalable 

online communities

Safety Tech Innovation Network founder member
Supporting the UK Government Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport and partners Nominet, Innovate UK and KTN

Facebook Certification for Community Management

Advisor to Facebook's first official qualification for community manager competency and skill application

NHS Good Thinking programme

Supporting the NHS deploy online communities and peer-to-peer networks to support mental health services and more

A few of the brands we work with

What We've Done

We've been community managers for everyone from plucky startups to global brands, which mean we truly understand what's needed to build and run a community that works.

Our value differentiator comes from our lived experience doing the job across many sectors at every stage of the community journey. 

We know what it takes and the right way to do it.

What We Do

We help organisations build global online communities that are safe, secure and scalable.


We know how to find and train community managers. We can use our extensive vendor experience to find you find a technological solution that's right for your goals and budget, not because a product manager wants a commission.


We can help you manage stakeholders and build businesses cases for your community that blends data and strategy in clear, easy to understand language that is compelling. We also speak at events, run workshops, build audits and create dashboards.


Infact, if you need it and it's related to building fantastic online communities, we can do it.


Start simply with no commitment.

Drop us a line and outline what you're looking to do and we'll take it from there.

(We're also kinda fun to work with!)

Wet grass

About Us

Island23 was first seeded in 2017 by Darren Gough and has experienced substantial growth ever since.

Darren has over 15 years experience in building online communities and is a requested speaker for the industry.

Darren was the first Community Manager at Martin Lewis's forum which grew from a standing start to 1.8 million members and is an advocate for supporting the mental health, safety and wellbeing of both community managers and community members.


Darren Gough

Founder and MD

Not the cricketer or Strictly Come Dancing winner...sorry :-)

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